Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thing 17: The Medium is the Message - Prezi and Slideshare

Well I've let myself fall behind rather with CPD23 but as the new year has come and gone rather quickly I suppose I'd better start catching up.

OK Prezi I'm not entirely sure about this. I've seen some Presentations made using this software however while I like the idea of having a play around I don't like the fact that any presentation I produce will be available for anyone to see. I'm not ready to pay in order to use software that I will probably only use once or twice a year. So I'm hesitant about this piece of software. And a bigger issue perhaps is the fact that as I currently don't need to create any presentations I feel that I'm wasting time attempting to make something up that I'm unlikely to use. Next time I have a presentation to Present though I'll give it a go.

I have used Slideshare once or twice on this blog in order to share presentations I have done in the past. In example Thing 10 where you can see the presentation I made at Gregynog back in the summer. Again I wasn't too keen on it as it makes the presentations Public. However I decided that as it was my own information it couldn't really hurt.

Myself I can't see a Presentation replacing a CV however who knows? I'll be interested to know if anyone gets a job through it.

 As I said that next time I have a presentation to present I'd use Prezi I have. I haven't used all the gizmos and gadgets that it's possible to use but decided to use a Power Point as a base and go from there. In general it hasn't made a huge difference to the presentation, or at least to the facts and figures part of the presentation to the slide giving examples of the newspaper content it's made a huge difference, it meant I could zoom in on individual articles and comment on them, otherwise I'd probably have just given a general overview on the various content I'd seen and just stuck to the one slide which is probably quite boring. I'm doing this presentation tomorrow to DLIS students from Aberystwyth Uni it's only a short one but it'll be interesting to see how people perceive the Prezi as opposed to the PowerPoint. Fingers crossed nothing will go wrong and it'll work...