Monday, 20 June 2011

Thing 1 - cpd23

So cpd23 starts today with Thing 1. I've decided to take part in this course as I believe it will help me look evaluatively at my own work thereby helping with job applications and Chartership. I'm currently working at the National Library of Wales as the Senior Officer of Newspapers and Periodicals (Digitisation project) and have worked here since September 2009. This is my first professional post since graduating from University with my Information and Library Management MA. I'm hoping that my next post will be in an Academic Library however given that I only have two months experience in an Academic Library environment, people seem to be wary of giving me a chance. (The feedback I've had off vacancies which I've applied for say that my application is strong but other people have more experience).

I started this blog for the purpose of cpd23 and am therefore a new blogger. I'm hoping that I'll be able to learn how to put my thoughts into a more ordered perspective evaluating them as I go along. Instead of just saying whatever comes into my head which is what I've done so far in this blog. I've never been too sure about having a completely open online presence which anyone can see like this blog but it seems to be a good way of gaining recognition in the information world. So I thought I'd give it a go. Looking through the 23 things I'm not sure which of these I'm looking forward to most and which I'm a bit aprehensive about but I'm sure I'll learn a lot as I go along. And hopefully the stuff I'll learn will be handy for my current job and for any future jobs I may have.


Heddiw mae cpd23 yn dechrau gyda Peth 1. Fe benderfynnais cymryd rhan yn y cwrs yma gan fy mod yn teimlo fydd o help i fi edrych ar fy ngwaith mewn ffordd gwerthusiol, a fydd hwn yn ei dro yn fy helpu gyda ffurflenni cais a Siarteriaeth. Rydw i nawr yn gweithio yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru fel Uwch Swyddog Papurau Newydd a Chylchgronau (Prosiect digido) ac wedi bod ers mis Medi 2009. Dyma fy swydd Proffesiynol cyntaf ers graddio o'r Brifysgol gyda fy MA. Gobeithiaf fyddaf yn cael y cyfle i weithio mewn llyfrgell Academaidd yn y dyfodol, ond gan mae dim ond 2 fis o brofiad gwaith llyfrgell academiadd sydd gyda fi teimlaf fydd hyn yn fwy caled ei wneud na'i ddweud. (Mae'r adborth dwi wedi ei gael wrth swyddi dwi wedi mynd amdanynt yn dweud fod fy nghais yn gryf ond does dim digon o brofiad gyda fi).

Fe wnes i ddechrau'r blog yma er mwyn gwneud cpd23 ac o ganlyniad dwi'n flogwr newydd. Gobeithiaf cyn y diwedd fydda i'n dysgu i ddodi'n syniadau mewn i fwy o drefn gan werthuso wrth fynd. Dwi byth wedi bod yn rhy siwr o gael presenoldeb gwbl agore ar y we (fel yr un hyn) ond eto teimlaf ei fod o fydd i fy ngyrfa. Wedi edrych dros i'r 23 peth fyddwn yn ei wneud dros i'r misoedd nesaf dwi ddim yn siwr beth dwi'n edrych ymlaen i ond eto dwi ddim yn siwr beth dwi ddim yn edrych ymlaen i chwaith. Ond teimlaf yn sicr fe fydda i'n dysgu lot dros i'r misoedd nesaf, a rhaid gobeitho fydd yr hwn fydda i'n dysgu yn ddefnyddiol yn fy swydd bresennol ac mewn unrhyw swydd fydda i'n ei gael yn y dyfodol.


ales said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello from a fellow cpd23 follower,i like your thinking. I am new to blogging too and like you hope that i will get my thoughts more ordered as i progress. Hope you enjoy the course, from a Scottish Librarian :)

stjerome said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello! I'm an oldie in the library world! I've found that letting my mind wander around the idea of posting to my blog orders the thoughts automatically; those thoughts that do come out are usually the ones that are most important to me. Whether or not they're of any interest to anyone else is another matter, of course! Shall be down your way for the open day in July!

LlyfrgellyddCymraeg said... Best Blogger Tips

I had a look at both your blogs they both seem interesting. Is that the hundred year thing on the 15th? Will you be a part of the human chain around the building? That should be interesting. They're definitely going to need more than one or two people for that!

Helen Murphy said... Best Blogger Tips

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello and how ENVIOUS I am of where you work--I was at the National Library of Wales a couple of months ago and it's so gorgeous! Good luck with cpd23--will be following your thoughts with interest. Alas, sadly, in the English only.

Clare said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi from another CPD23 person (I say that though I haven't written any posts yet...)! I found your blog via the 'UK:Wales' tag on the CPD23 Delicious page. I'm a bit curious about Welsh libraries/librarians at the moment as I'm coming to Aberystwyth in a couple of months to do my Information & Library Studies masters. I've only visited the town once before, on a glorious sunny day - it is always like that, right?! Dw i'n gobeithio fy mod i yn gwella fy Nghymraeg yno - mae darllen dy bostiau di yn ymarfer da iawn. Diolch!

Llyfrgellydd Cymraeg said... Best Blogger Tips


Umm... No comment? (On the weather that is :-P)

If I'm still about when you arrive (I'm on a fixed term project that may or may not have funding after September) you should get in touch.

Falch i glywed fod y blog yn dda i rhywbeth ond am waith llyfrgell. Mae dy Gymraeg i weld yn dda yn barod!