Monday, 27 June 2011

Thing 3: The "Nia Williams" Brand

I read the thing 3 blog this morning along with some of the other blogs recommended by Jo Alcock and it made me think, as I suppose was the point. What is MY brand? The "Nia Williams" brand. And to be honest I don't have a clue. If I Google myself an awful lot of stuff about other people come up. To be honest that's what I expected. I've always been cagey about what information I put on the internet for the big wide world to see and while I'm trying to change this for professional purposes (hence the blog) I'm still not sure I want people to know everything about me. Plus there seem to be an awful lot of Nia Williamses in the world.

Yet I do have an online presence, and have done for years on Facebook and Twitter. Well, Facebook, Twitter I've not really used so much though I'm trying to change that! But these presences are protected with every privacy thing I can find on these sites. I don't want complete strangers knowing everything about me.

I quite like that people have to request to follow me on Twitter before they get to follow my Tweets. Not that I mind adding people if I have an idea who they are I'm just a bit careful is all... If any cpd23 readers want to add me on Twitter I'm @Cymraes1986 I do use Twitter for Professional Purposes (sometimes) so that's ok.

Facebook on the other hand while I use it more than Twitter is more Personal. And is (hopefuuly) locked down to the rest of the world.

I've also joined LinkedIn recently. So far I haven't found it much use. But you never know...

So... Name Used: Well this varies and apparently it shouldn't. Twitter for example is @Cymraes1986 (Welshgirl 1986 for the English speaking out there) for obvious reasons. While when I started my blog the other day I chose to go by the name "Llyfrgellydd Cymraeg" (Welsh Librarian) again for obvious reasons. They 're both correct, I just didn't really think it mattered if they matched or not. I'll have to think about it some and maybe change Twitter at some point. Maybe. Anything else is just my name.

Photograph: I have photos. Not necessairily the same photos but you can still tell it's me on my blog and my Twitter page, maybe I should add one to the LinkedIn page? Having said that while my blog page has a fairly recent photo of me on it, my Profile has a cartoon I found in a 19th Century newspaper and liked so I guess if I comment, you won't know it's me exactly. I think I'll change that although it IS a cool cartoon! :-)

Professional/Personal Identity: I've covered this already I more or less like to keep them apart. Though Twitter when I do use it tends to be a bit of a mix.

Visual Brand: Well I don't have one. Both my Twitter and my blog have different backgrounds that I happened to like when I was setting them up. I suppose the next step would be to sort out something that can be common to both of them. I may even get some business cards printed at some point. Maybe. If ever I get a permanaent position.

So those are my random mixed up thoughts about my brand. What do you think my brand says about me? Does it say anything? I'd quite like to know...

I shall translate when I have a bit more time. Also the other blogs which I haven't done bilingually yet!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your job sounds interesting; it's something I would like to do. I think it takes time to develop an online persona/brand, similar to how it takes time to develop a personal style of dress. I have a few aliases running around cyberland, but I try to keep them confined to specific spheres (product reviews, blogging, exploring sites that I probably won't visit again). I have read that as long as you use the same alias for each purpose and avoid being "anonymous," you can still develop an online professional presence. Then, if you meet someone in person, you can choose to tell them your real name or not.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the fact that your blog is bilingual, maybe that could be used as a part of your branding?