Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Library Day in the Life Round 7 Day 3

Wednesday July 27th 2011
8:32am Arrived in work.
8:37am Turned on the computer, checked my emails etc.
8:45am Split up my Day in the Life blog into days as it was getting a bit long. I didn't realise I did so much in a day!
9:00am Carried on with the Excel document listing the Newspapers published in the Great War.
9:20am Finished Excel document for now. So far over 290,000 pages of Newspapers were published in Wales between 1914 and 1918.
9:24am A few more audit papers brought back. I might as well put these into the Excel document first before doing anything else.
9:30am Right now to finish with the North Wales Times.
10:30am Tea Time
10:50am North Wales Times.
11:40am Finished the North Wales Times. I've received the last of my audit forms so going to finish the Excel form and see where we stand numbers wise.
12:18pm I've just finished putting together a short report about the number of Newspaper pages we own from the war years. And it's very close to 400,000 not bad for 4 years during war time I shouldn't think.
12:20pm LUNCH
13:00pm Uploading some newspaper CSVs to WOMBAT ready to be scanned. WOMBAT being the libraries Workflow Software where the CSVs my team have created are followable by the scanners making the scanning easier for them.
15:30pm Tea time
15:50pm Back to WOMBAT
16:18pm Finished with WOMBAT for today.
16:20pm Give my staff some instructions for the next few days as I'm going to be away. (5 day weekend! Go me! :D)
16:25pm Home time! :D